CommunicAction monitors residential and commercial alarm systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our professional staff is trained to respond to those alarms quickly and efficiently and as per your instructions.  Enjoy peace of mind and subscribe to our alarm monitoring services for your home or business.  Some insurance companies also offer a discount to those who are connected to a monitoring station.

Did you know that having a monitored security system is a leading deterrent to crime?  Intruders know that setting off your system can quickly bring police, fire and emergency professionals to your door.  If your alarm system is monitored by us, rest assured that our professional staff will quickly get your family the help it needs. Here how it works: If your alarm is activated, our computerized communications system automatically brings up your name, address, phone number and instructions for that kind of alarm.  The operator on duty then calls your home or business to determine if this is a real emergency.  If there is no answer to this call or the person answering the phone does not have the required security code, the operator will immediately dispatch emergency help to your home or business. We can monitor any zone from motion and smoke sensors to panic buttons, break-in, temperature, water, etc…  Instructions for each type of alarm can be customized, thus ensuring that proper contact is made for different problems that come up.

Alarm monitoring is an essential component of a complete alarm system for robbery prevention.  When an alarm system detects a break-in or a fire signal is sent from your alarm system to our monitoring station, rest assured, we will notify the necessary emergency response or authorities immediately. Every alarm that goes into our system is recorded with the type of alarm, the time it came in and every action taken by the operator on duty. For a low yearly fee, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables are protected and that help is just a phone call away! 

For installers:  Call us for a quote on the monitoring of your alarm systems.  You’ll see, our prices are unbeatable! 

Call us at (705) 372-1141 or fax us at (705) 372-1788 for a quote for your system.  You can also fill out our quote request form.