The Hearst CommunicAction Center handles the 911 emergency dispatch for many municipalities, towns and villages in the surrounding area (Hearst, Mattice-Val Coté, Hallébourg, Jogues, Lac Ste. Thérèse, Calstock), but can also extend these services to other towns and municipalities.  This service was established in 1997, by the Town of Hearst, who then extended the service to surrounding municipalities. 

If there is ever a need for you to call 911, it should be noted that the call goes first to the telephone company, who, in turn, route it to CommunicAction.  Please remain on the line, and don’t hang up, your call will be answered by our operators in the quickest delay possible.

When someone calls 911 what happens?

First, the telephone company recognizes that this is an emergency call and it is immediately routed to the CommunicAction center.  Then, our Operator answers the line by saying: “Emergency 911,  Do you need Police, Fire or Ambulance?”

After the caller states what kind of service he needs, our Operator transfers the call to the appropriate emergency service (Police or Ambulance – Fire crews are dispatched directly by CommunicAction).

The Hearst Fire Department, the Mattice Fire/Rescue personnel and the Jogues Fire Department are all equipped with pagers. When their services are needed, CommunicAction will summon them through their pagers.  Hallébourg and Calstock volunteers do not have pagers, but have a telephone relay system that seems to be working just as well.  The only municipality we provide 911 service not equipped with fire protection is Lac Ste. Thérèse, but they are fully protected under the other emergency services. 

We currently provide 911 services to six municipalities in the area.  Call us at (705) 372-1141  or fill out our request form if you need more information.