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In order to access your cPanel or Webmail, enter your domain name, username and password in the form below.  This information was sent to you when you signed up.


Domain:   (Ex.: www.yourdomain.com)
User Name:   (Ex.: actionhearst for cPanel or action@yourdomain.com for Webmail)

Can’t remember your login information?  Email us with your full name, email address and domain name used on signup and we will send you the information on your account.

For support issues, visit the Support Center. To access your control panel directly, go to:  http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel (replace “yourdomain.com” with the name of your domain).

– OR –

Use your IP address if your domain has not yet resolved to our server.  Ex.: http://yourIPaddress/cpanel/ (replace “yourIPaddress” with the IP that you were provided with on signup).

To access webmail directly, got to: http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail/ (replace “yourdomain.com” with the name of your domain).